Form and function go hand-in-hand

Form and function go hand-in-hand

Soliyarn is revolutionizing the textile industry by leveraging Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) technology to coat textiles with a fully dry process to create coloration, electrically conductive and liquid repellent functionality. Ultrathin polymers transform ordinary fabric into highly durable functional textiles without altering garment feel, breathability and comfort, while delivery high performance – all without the environmental cost of textile production. With Soliyarn’s technology, your clothing can do more for you while remaining as comfortable and fashionable as ever.

CVD: Chemical Vapor Deposition

Chemical vapor deposition is a nascent, single-step processing method for forming organic polymer films on unconventional substrates. Traditionally used in semiconductor and glass industries, Soliyarn’s innovation lies in adapting the benefits of CVD into flexible substrates like textile & soft materials. A suite of vapor-phase polymerization reactions performed inside reduced-pressure reactors, collectively termed CVD, is the enabling process we use to develop novel coatings on textiles.

CVD can be interpreted as a solvent-free synthetic technique, where multiple reagents converge in the vapor phase to effect a polymerization reaction. In CVD, polymer films are formed directly on the substrate of interest as vapors of a chemical agent and precursor (or monomer) are introduced into an evacuated reactor chamber simultaneously.

  • Our technology developed by Dr. Trisha Andrew, PhD in Chemical & Electrical Engineering, MIT, Forbes’ 30 Under 30 –Energy (2013), Packard Award (2014) winner.
  • Minimal vacuum environment allows for durable substrate coatings with micron-level thicknesses.
  • Commonly used to coat semiconductors, metals, and glass, translated to textiles and scaled up for production by Soliyarn.
  • Soliyarn has an extensive patent portfolio with 1 granted, 2 in execution & 10 pending.

CVD: A Quality Revolution in Fabric Treatment




Delve deeper into Dr. Andrew’s research by visiting the WeLab website, where you can gain comprehensive insights into her pioneering work and its transformative impact on the industry.

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