CVD: A revolution in E-textiles

CVD: A revolution in E-textiles

Conventional smart apparel has long been hindered by inflexible metal heating elements susceptible to damage through bending, flexing, washing, and everyday wear. Soliyarn, however, pioneers a game-changing approach with its innovative CVD technology.

This groundbreaking process converts entire fabric sections into exceptionally robust electrically conductive elements, eliminating weak points and the need for extra weight, bulk, and rigidity stemming from electrical insulation and padding. The result? Comfortable, breathable, washable, lightweight e-textiles that feel like regular clothing but can perform like intelligent apparel.

Soliyarn’s Chemical Vapor Deposition technology sparks a new era in textiles. By enabling versatile electrically conductive fabrics, CVD ushers in a spectrum of heating & sensing capabilities – from biopotentials like ECG, EOG, EEG, and EMG detection to pressure-sensitive materials ideal for loose garments.

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Soliyarn's Conductive Coating


Rapid Heating

The fabric based joules heaters ensure a swift warm-up period compared to traditional metal wires as the total area of heating is large & uniform.

Higher Temperature

The unique conductive polymer can reach elevated temperatures without compromising  the integrity of the mechanical properties.

Lower Power Need

The conductive polymer heats more efficiently and retains more heat, thereby reducing the power needs that mark a new era in heated garment technology.


Sensing Textiles

Pressure Sensing

Fabric-based pressure sensors can monitor user’s real time activity and movement for a wide range of military & medical uses.

Respiration monitoring

Monitor respiration in hospital patients with comfortable, low-profile sensor shirts

Heart rate monitoring

Textile ballistocardiogram (BCG) sensors can measure heart rate without tight-fitting bands

Body movement & orientation

Real-time posture monitoring to track range of motion and detect injuries before they happen

EOG / EEG monitoring

Non-invasive neurological sensors measure brainwave activity during sleep and activity

Eye motion tracking

Fabric sensors built into eye-masks can detect rapid eye movement during sleep

Moisture sensing

Moisture-detecting fabric can alert medical personnel to bleeding and incontinence

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